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DPR Simulator - Bespoke Car Development

We are able to create a wide range of car models to deliver simulator solutions for all levels of competition. All we require are “hot lap” data files so we can develop a car model that matches your own race car.  We can make use of a range of data sources such as the Racelogic, AIM or MOTEC systems.

With your car data we can can work with you to make best use of the ride & handling characteristics to improve your lap times.  Data from simulator sessions can be taken away at the end of the session to allow further integration into your racing programme.

We have already entered into confidential bespoke development for a high performance Caterham Championship and the Focus Cup where a lack of on-track testing made the simulator sessions highly relevant.

For further information on how we can help your on-track performance,  please contact us on 01737 906666 or email