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DPR Driver Development Programme - SimulatorTraining - Accelerate your Learning


 We run three simulator sessions (three hours) per day including evenings, Monday to Saturday. 

 Session times are 10:00, 14:00 & 18:00

Call us on 01737 906666 to find out more or book a session

We offer an  advanced simulation facility conveniently located for anyone living in/adjacent to London and the South of England.  Our specialist focus is on Caterham track or race driver training with a rig that replicates the physical layout of this car type. Notwithstanding our Caterham specialism all levels are welcome at our Redhill facility.

For anyone racing Caterham sports cars our simulator is directly relevant with many years in development for both the hardware side of the rig and the physics of the car models themselves.  We also have real time Racelogic VBOX telemetry that exactly replicates the on-track system.

Focus on realism rather than entertainment

We  deliberately don’t have motion as  without the budget of a McLaren  it is impossible to obtain any match between the motion imparted to the rig and the actual on-track feel.  Highly suitable for entertainment though motion is, we are completely focused on ensuring the car feel exactly replicates the on-track experience with our target “model” lap times being to achieve laps within 1/10 second of actual on-track times.

See below how our new “two driver on track” development can help with advanced training in overtaking, defending and on-track risk management. Our simulator facility has full data analysis including a “Foot cam” for observing how well the pedals are being used.

For contenders in Caterham Motorsport from Academy up to the top-step 420R we have specific training modules and for other cars/championships we offer a confidential bespoke R&D programme that has already been utilised in a high-performance Caterham championship and also in the Focus Cup.

How to book Sim coaching with Darren Burke

Simulator time can be booked on an individual or shared basis but to derive maximum benefit we have a driver development programme managed by our team coach, Caterham specialist  and Blancpain racing driver Darren Burke who has designed our driver development approach for our simulator sessions.

If you would like coaching from Darren Burke please make contact on 07749 124205 or email  Darren will provide a coaching programme tailored to your needs and take care of all the booking arrangements on your behalf.