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Race: DPR Motorsport offers Caterham Arrive & Drive for Track, Test or Race

Following on from their success in the championship for the new Ford Sigma powered Caterham Supersport, DPR Motorsport is offering a competitively priced Arrive & Drive for track, test or race. This car is upgraded to the latest Supersport specification.

Please contact us for more details about our Supersport Arrive & Drive for Track, Test or Race.

This car has been upgraded to the highest level for the Sigma engined cars with 140bhp engine upgrade and a limited slip differential. The car is eligible for the official Caterham championship and other Caterham race series such as Magnificent Seven as an all inclusive package to cover car hire and all race costs. As well as full technical support during the day the car will be fully equipped with the latest video V-box technology as part of a fully integrated driver coaching package.

Driver coaching included

DPR Motorsport has brought a number of new drivers into Caterham motorsport who despite their lack of race experience have achieved excellent results. This reflects the combination of the highest attention to detail for race car preparation & support together with data acquisition based driver coaching to gain those extra tenths that changes a good performance to race winning.

Competitive inclusive pricing package

Whilst the specific costs will vary by circuit and event, the use of the new Ford Sigma powered Caterham Supersport allows us to offer an all-inclusive package at a very competitive price. There are no hidden extras and we also offer a specially priced “taster” experience at our local Brands Hatch circuit. With the reference data we have available we can assess your on-track driving and provide detailed feedback. Find out more about the DPR approach to Caterham motorsport.