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Caterham Academy: Driver Coaching

The tightly regulated approach to one-make racing means that championship winning results require both driver and car to be operating at 100%.  Driver coaching combined with data acquisition is an important part of gaining improvement.

In addition to technical support, DPR provides driver coaching as an integrated part of the at-circuit support package which includes a unique video sharing capability. Being able to view a video record is a great aid to gaining the most from limited on-track test time. DPR supported drivers can benefit further from viewing shared video and data from other supported drivers out on circuit at the same time to compare and contrast lap times.

Darren Burke - Professional Driver and DPR Team Coach

Darren Burke is a current international race driver with experience of  racing in karts, single seaters, historic race cars, and sports prototype cars all over the world.   As a Grade A ARDS driver coach since 1999 Darren provides professional 1-1 based driver tuition for all levels of experience.

Find out more about Darren Burke “The Caterham Coach”

Each car and driver is different, but with Darren’s vast experience of UK and European circuits, he will quickly and correctly assess your strengths and weaknesses in the early part of the day. Darren leads the DPR driver development coaching programme that provides structured training.  The objective is to enable drivers to develop their racing skill so that they become faster on track but with the necessary risk management to race safely.  In the words of Juan Fangio and others subsequently  ”To finish first you must first finish”.