Video FAQ

Rather than use text to try and convey the DPR support experience, we have some relevant videos below to show the story behind a DPR Motorsport race weekend.  For more information about any of our products or services, please contact David Rowe on 01737 906666 or email

DPR Motorsport’s “At-Circuit” Race Centre  - DPR Team Principal David Rowe talks about the benefits

The The Team Coach Story - DPR Team Coach Darren Burke talks about his role.

The Sub-Team Manager’s Story - DPR sub-team manager Andre Michael-Carter talks about his role.

Rapid Repairs - A quick gearbox change gets DPR 310R driver Gary Curtis car rapidly repaired at Donington.

Driver Development - 2018 Academy champion Chris Moore talks about his experience in making the jump straight to 270R

Bespoke Catering - DPR Chef Terry Wood describes his individual approach to driver nutrition

Fast Shunt Action - DPR driver Gary Curtis talks with Chris Hutchinson about the fast reaction of the DPR shunt crew.