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Caterham Academy: Racelogic Video VBOX

The Video VBOX Lite is one of the lowest costing Video Data Loggers on the market, but with Racelogic’s quality and renowned customer service. As a Caterham specialist, we provide all the additional parts and advice required for installation for use in a Caterham.   Where we carry out the install, we provide a Caterham specific configuration and technical follow-up support if required. With our own hot lap benchmarks we are able to advise on where those crucial lap time gains can be gained.

RACELOGIC Video VBOX system for video and data logging

We provide a specialist installation service for the Racelogic Video VBOX GPS based video and data system.  Designed, built and supported in the UK, Racelogic provides free training courses at their Milton Keynes HQ.  This is an easy to use video and data system that correctly installed is plug and play straight out of the box.


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Providing Competitive Advantage

Due to the tightly controlled nature of Caterham motorsport both the car set-up and driver need to be 100%.  The Video VBOX provides a video record that will help you understand how to gain those vital hundredths of a second through optimising braking and turning points.  The OLED display provides predictive lap-timing, so not only can you get in-car lap-timing information, but you can now see a continuous comparison of the current lap against your previous best.


Race Quality Installation and Support

We provide a professional workshop based service to ensure that your VBOX will withstand on-track use.  This means a neat & tidy installation with both your wiring and VBOX firmly fixed in place.  From our at-circuit use of this system we are well-placed to advise  on how best to gain maximum advantage from your investment.

All DPR systems are supplied with a bespoke Caterham scene and we provide a comprehensive post-installation support service should any queries arise.


DPR provides a Race Quality Installation

Stunning HD quality now available in the HD2 version