High Performance:Upgrades

From our race winning background we have a unique approach.  Rather than being focused on delivering “Shop Window” power increases we understand how to make both the car and driver go faster without compromising reliability.

Many of the Caterham race upgrades can be used for fast road or track day cars. These upgrades are race-proven as to both the benefits and reliability of the components.   For those requiring improvements to the braking system we fit Pagid and Mintex race pads that we know work well in a Caterham used on track.  For tuning of the braking effort between the front and rear brakes we would ft a brake bias valve as standard fitment in our customer’s Caterham race cars.  To improve pedal feel we can fit the Caterham high ratio brake pedal.

Rear Brake Upgrade for 420 and 620  Variants  

Improving braking efficiency in high performance Caterham road cars, is limited by fitment  of a rear road caliper that works with the Caterham handbrake.  Where a car is track only, fitting the Caterham rear brake upgrade will make a huge difference, particularly for the 420 and 620 variants. Not only is braking significantly improved but pad life will be extended. 

Handbrake Solution for Road Use  

We have developed and now fully tested a rear handbrake caliper solution to use in conjunction with the factory Caterham AP rear brake upgrade. This provides road legality and MOT compliance combined with a superior rear brake package ideal for Caterham 420R and 620R’s used on track but which still require an MOT for road use.

This upgrade provides far better rear brake pad longevity, much improved brake pedal compliance and a more robust and leak free system as found with the standard rear Caterham calipers.  If you are tired of going through so many rear standard pads and discs after only a few track days this is a ‘must have’ upgrade!


Optimise On-Track Handling - Get your Caterham Set-up to our Championship Winning Standards

All of the Caterham race upgrades result in a significant change to weight of the car, weight distribution and ride height. As a result, fitting new parts is only the first step in the upgrade process. Subsequent to fitting new components it is essential that your Caterham has a race focused set-up so that you get the full handling benefits from the new configuration.


Eliminate Performance Limiters - Sigma Engine Diagnostics

Sigma engines are only available from Caterham on a sealed basis which rules out any option for external parties to rebuild or refresh components. Recognising the growing importance of the Sigma engined Caterhams, we have invested in engine diagnostics equipment that includes the ability to inspect the engine internals. As part of the DPR upgrade process we can check that your engine is delivering the required power. Using our Sigma engine diagnostics capability we will perform an engine health check to ensure that performance is not being impacted by sensor faults, poor compression or other potential performance limiters.

We also recommend installation of the Caterham dual breather catch-tank option for the Sigma engine; this is a worthwhile upgrade for road, track or race use.

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