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Caterham Academy: Next Steps - Caterham Upgrades

Our approach to upgrades recognises that there is more involved than just replacement of old parts with new. We renew all relevant parts, not just the parts being upgraded, and always use new fasteners for reasons of safety; this approach also ensures an “as new” look to the upgraded race car. In addition your Caterham will be set-up to our race-proven settings optimised for road, track or race.

One Stop Customer Service - Caterham Mandatory Upgrades Included

Mandatory and optional upgrades apply at each step of the Caterham Motorsport ladder. We can manage the complete upgrade process including those mandatory upgrades which have to be carried out by Caterham.

The current steps in the Caterham Motorsport Ladder are shown below. At the end of the Academy year the normal transition is to move up to Roadsport. However if your aspirations and ability permit it may be possible to jump up to a higher level or even change your car and enter the top level 310R championship.

Caterham Motorsport Ladder - Mandatory upgrades

Both Team support & transport permitted

Superlight 420R

New chassis, Duratec 2.0 engine, SADEV Sequential gearbox, Superlight suspension, limited slip differential


Remap, cams, limited slip differential, lightened flywheel


Remap, wide track, no windscreen or lights.

Team transport allowed



Rear ARB, Avon ZZS tyres


120 bhp Sigma


Eliminate Performance Limiters - Sigma Engine Diagnostics

Sigma engines are only available from Caterham on a sealed basis which rules out any option for external parties to rebuild or refresh components. Recognising the growing importance of the Sigma engined Caterhams, we have invested in engine diagnostics equipment that includes the ability to inspect the engine internals. As part of the DPR upgrade process we can check that your engine is delivering the required power. Using our Sigma engine diagnostics capability we will perform an engine health check to ensure that performance is not being impacted by sensor faults, poor compression or other potential performance limiters.

Gain Competitive Edge - Improve Lap Times by Stopping Faster

The use of sealed engines ensures that there is nothing that can be done to gain a competitive edge from increased power. Driver coaching aligned with race car set-up should be the priority but taking steps to gain competitive advantage through improved braking is another aspect to consider. Fitting a brake bias valve will allow the car’s brake front/rear balance to be adjusted on-track to suit a particular circuit or changing conditions from dry to wet. If you find that your unloaded front wheels lock up on a greasy corner the brake bias valve will allow braking force to be transferred to the rear until the braking becomes more balanced. We can also advise on alternative pad materials that can significantly improve the car’s braking performance.

Mandatory Upgrade items

1) Roadsport from Academy

  • Rear anti-roll bar

  • Avon ZZS tyres

2) 270R from Roadsport

  • 270R Engine Upgrade

  • Wide track front suspension

  • Race dampers/coil springs

  • Removal of headlamps, wiring and ancillaries

  • Removal of windscreen & wipers. Replace with race aero screen

3) 310R from 270R

  • 310R engine upgrade

  • Limited slip differential

  • Lightened flywheel

Additional Options

  • Half doors

  • Remove ignition switch/steering lock & replace with starter button

  • Lower driver seat/replace with resin bead seat

  • Disconnect inertia switch (power cut-off)

  • Brake bias valve/upgraded pads

  • Lowered wing stays/bonded front wings

  • “Quick” race ratio steering rack

  • New Avon ZZS wheel/tyre set

  • Mintex or Pagid pads 

Chassis & Suspension Refresh

Most serious competitors recognise the critical importance of a full chassis and suspension refresh including a full flat-floor set-up so as to return your race car to “As New” specification.

Recommended Upgrade Service Items and Race Refresh


  • Full race geometry check
  • 4 wheel alignment, ride height, camber/castor & bump steer
  • Corner weighting to our championship-winning specifications
  • Full brake fluid change/bleed
  • Replace/condition brake disks. Pad upgrades
  • Full engine service including cam belt, oil change etc.
  • Full ECU diagnostics for Sigma & Duratec engines


  • Compression/leakage report including internal inspection of cylinders (Ford Sigma & Duratec)
  • Engine power test


  • Chassis repair using Caterham Westbury.
  • Mercedes approved professional respray
  • Vinyl wrap