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Race: Caterham Support


Our full race support comprises full workshop facilities under a dedicated awning with the ability to swap engine or gearbox if required. Take a look around the paddock and you will see for yourself that DPR’s on-track support facilities get on pole, just like the DPR supported drivers!

On Track Driver Coaching & Race Car Set-Up


We use GPS based data acquisition and in-car video systems to provide you with performance feedback against our benchmark data records to highlight where further improvement is possible. For race weekends the technical support includes access to a DPR driver coach and use of our at-circuit data acquisition and video via a high speed computer network.

 Racing with highly competitive DPR team drivers provides a unique benchmarking experience. After the event we provide a dropbox link containing your video footage including a comparison against the benchmark hot laps.

Full Race Support

The DPR support package includes everything required to make your racing enjoyable but competitive:

  • Secure car and trailer storage

  • Enclosed transport to/from circuits

  • Pre-race servicing and set-up

  • One mechanic per full supported driver *

  • Comprehensive spares package *

  • Dedicated awning space with light refreshments *

  • Driver tuition from the DPR driver coaches including use of video & GPS data acquisition *

* For Academy and Roadsport, Caterham race regulations do not allow team support over the championship race weekends.