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Darren Burke Driving Skills Foundation – Academy Introductory Course:

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Darren Burke’s training course makes use of advanced simulation and training technology to develop your skills whilst progressively increasing the levels of challenge.  Within the virtual on-track experience it is possible to present many different on-track situations that would take years of actual on-track driving to experience.

At DPR we have been leading exponents as to how the Racelogic VBOX software can be used to improve on-track performance; the VBOX technology is integral to our simulator so that we can record every aspect of your performance in a manner that exactly replicates how this would work on track.  The overriding objective is to ensure that not only can you achieve improved lap times but that you do this fully aware of all on-track risk scenarios that might arise.  Graduates of the Academy Introductory Course are expected to be able to “Drive faster, taking full advantage of all opportunities from lights off to finish”.

A. Track Safety & Risk Management

  1. Flags & lights
  2. Correct driver positioning for optimum car control
  3. Seat position
  4. Hand position
  5. Pedal set up

B.  On Track Techniques

  1.  Basic looking ahead
  2. The racing line
  3. Basics of braking
  4. Throttle application
  5. Gear changes
  6. Heel and toe

C.  Fundamentals of Car Control

  1.  Oversteer and understeer
  2.  Driving in wet/slippery conditions