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Darren Burke Driving Skills Foundation – Advanced Race Driving Course

Darren Burke’s advanced training course takes an entry level aspiring race driver up to the highest level that they can achieve.  Graduates of the advanced course will not only have significantly improved their on-track performance. but at the end of the course have gained an understanding as to true potential with a personal evaluation.

 A. On Track Performance

  1. Dry & wet lines
  2. Advanced use of brake & throttle
  3. Flat shifting - How & when
  4. Gear change strategies
  5. Looking through the corner

B.  Race strategies

  1. Qualifying
  2. Race Starts
  3. Safety car restarts
  4. Risk minimisation
  5. Slipstreaming
  6. Overtaking
  7. Defending

C. How to

  1.  Behave correctly on & off track including dealing with the Clerk of the Course
  2.  Take full advantage of the Video VBOX