DPR Motorsport returns to Race Car Live! - Brands Hatch, November 21st/22nd

DPR Motorsport team manager David Rowe will be at Race Car Live! (Garage 32) along with Caterham motorsport manager Simon Lambert. Several Caterham race cars will be on track including Caterham’s own R300 race car. Insurance experts from Competition Car Insurance will be also be present to provide information as to how insurance can help keep race costs within budget.

Last year the DPR Motorsport Race Car Live! garage featured the newly built Jon Walker Caterham R300. In a debut drive for both car and driver, Jon Walker clinched the 2009 Caterham Superlight championship with a race to spare including the highest number of individual wins, adding to the firsts established for this DPR Motorsport built and supported R300. In addition to the success with the 175 bhp Caterham Superlight R300, DPR Motorsport won the Caterham Roadsport A (120 bhp) team championship.

DPR Motorsport team manager David Rowe said:

We are pleased that we are able to return to Race Car Live! as the on-track opportunities make this event uniquely relevant to anyone with an active interest in motor sport. Since last year we have seen increased interest across all levels of the Caterham motorsport ladder. The deservedly popular Caterham Academy has continued to attract new entrants to motor sport through a unique combination of low cost and great all-round support from Caterham to help novices through their first year of racing. The new for 2009 Caterham Superlight R300 championship has been a storming success attracting widespread interest as a result of a truly exciting race experience but with significantly reduced cost.

Caterham Superlight R300

The most intense and tactical duel I have experienced” - Ben Anderson, Autosport

Notwithstanding the financial crisis of a year ago, the new Caterham Superlight R300 championship ended the year with 15 new race cars on the grid with further cars ordered for 2010. This success reflects the fantastic value for money offered by the R300 with an engine power 50% increased over the entry models. As a result of Caterham’s engineering innovations, the performance of the R300 with only a standard tune 175bhp Ford Duratec is surprisingly close to the ultimate (but much more costly) step of the motorsport ladder currently provided by the R400 with its 220bhp Cosworth Duratec.

Caterham Motor Sport - “A perfect next-step

We believe that Caterham racing is a perfect next-step for progression into serious motor sport regardless of prior experience. Caterham Academy provides a well supported entry point for complete beginners or more experienced competitors can directly enter at the Roadsport (120 bhp) or R300 (175 bhp) levels of the Caterham Motorsport ladder. Race Car Live! provides us with a great opportunity to meet with prospective customers where we can provide an on-track demonstration of the Caterham motor sport experience.

Jon Walker - 2009 Superlight R300 Champion

Your Insurance Questions Answered

The DPR Motorsport garage will be shared by Competition Car Insurance who can provide coverage for road, track or race usage. Should a claim arise it is important that the insurance coverage operates as expected and the claim agreed without delay. Working closely with the loss adjuster for Competition Car Insurance we are able to obtain almost immediate agreement to proceed, enabling us to repair a chassis damaged Caterham between one weekend and the next. This speed of turnaround is particularly important when a championship participation is involved.

Throughout Race Car Live! there will be insurance experts from Competition Car Insurance available in our garage to answer any questions you may have relating to motorsport related or road insurance for vehicles that are taken on-track.

Caterham Resin-bead Seats

During 2009 we have been working with Vaughan Cartwright of Real to develop a resin-bead seat specifically designed for Caterham race cars. Resin-bead technology has been around in the higher levels of motors sport for some time but we believe this is a first for entry-level motorsport. Not only does this seat enhance the driving experience but the additional strength of the resin-bead construction makes this a much safer option than the traditional expanding foam seat infill.

Resin-bead seats are more expensive than the foam seat equivalent but offer much increased comfort and a longer life. The same resin-beat seat can be used over a number of years as well as being moved between a basic Caterham and the more advanced R300. The ability to cover this seat with a specialist race fabric makes this seat a perfect match to driver’s personalised helmets and racing overalls. At Race Car Live! we will be demonstrating the resin-bead seat developed for our own Roadsport A and R300 race cars driven by Robert Springate.


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