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Caterham Custom-made Shim Set (De Dion axles)

Manufactured from precision laser cut stainless steel, use of our shims is a unique engineering solution to ensure highly accurate set-up of toe and camber settings for the rear hubs on De Dion axle Caterhams.

As well as being essential for an accurate race car set-up these shims are ideal where the use of slick tyres requires a rear camber change.

Place an order - DPR shim set (10 Shims - 2 x each of 5 sizes)

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Caterham Mirror Mounts for Spa or Racetech mirrors 

Specifically designed for use in racing these mounts can be used for centre or side mirrors for a vibration minimised fixing.  The DPR mirror mounts fix to the original manufacturer supplied mirror ball ends thus ensuring no compromise to the range or ease of adjustment.

Donington lap in HD Video

Buy a Caterham Video VBOX system from DPR

RACELOGIC Video VBOX system for video and data logging

We provide a specialist installation service for the Racelogic Video VBOX. GPS based video and data system. Designed, built and supported in the UK, Racelogic provides free training courses at their Milton Keynes HQ.

This is an easy to use video and data system that is plug and play straight out of the box. We are able to link sensors such as for braking force and throttle position into the data acquisition functions performed by the system.  The new HD system provides super sharp 1080p HD video coupled with the tried and tested data logging unit

As the definitive system for Caterham racing benchmark laps are readily available for all the UK and European circuits such as Spa, Zolder and Zandvoort.  Our install provides a Caterham specific scene and we have a unique engineering capability to link key inputs such as RPM and gear position to the Vbox together with specific training as to how this can be used.

More on Caterham vinyl wraps

Vinyl Car Wraps and Graphics for Caterham road, track or race cars

We work with a local Surrey based vinyl specialist to ensure the vinyl wrap is to the required quality but competitively priced.

We have switched from painting to vinyl wrap for a number of our customer race cars and have been surprised at the durability. Not only is there a lower up-front cost but repairs are significantly cheaper than paint. Applying a vinyl wrap is ideal during a winter refresh.  We can wrap the side skins with the suspension removed or leave in place with an an almost invisible join in the vinyl sheet.  As all of the wrap is performed within our own workshop we take full ownership for delivering a quality result..

Please contact us for more information about our car wraps and graphics.


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Caterham Resin Bead Seats

The resin bead seat system is the optimum method to build your race car seat. All drivers can benefit from an enhanced driving experience by having direct connection with their race cars.

Even if the manufacturers seat is available then, apart from poor fit, it is likely to seat the driver too high in the car compromising the optimum driver position. With taller drivers there can be insufficient clearance between helmet and roll cage which, without correction, will fail scrutineering.

The problems with the messy two-part expanding foam seat building method are well known; the rapid cure time makes any seat-fitting adjustment near impossible. The resin bead solution has a longer cure time (50 minutes +) that is not subject to the vagaries of rapidly expanding foam. As the seat structure hardens, the resin bead seat outline can be fine-tuned to ensure a close fit to the driver.

In terms of driver safety, the resin bead seat offers much more impact resistance than foam which is why resin bead seats are the preferred choice in most categories of racing around the world. The Real seat can be supplied with a professionally fitted race cloth cover with an option to include personalised logos.

More information about the REAL Caterham resin-bead seat.

More on our road car repairs

Caterham Road Car Repairs and Aluminium Fabrication

We have access to aluminium fabrication through a link with Chris Eva of Evalution Designs.

Chris Eva has over 30 years of involvement in classic and modern, road and race car manufacture, repair, prototyping, preparation and restoration. Chris worked for over 20 years in the panel shop at AC Cars at Brooklands and several years at Gomm Metal Developments in Old Woking, Surrey.

Please contact us for more information about aluminium fabrication and repairs.