Tesla Car Wraps and Paint Protection Film (PPF) - A specialist Surrey-based service

Take your Tesla to the ultimate.  Supplied in a limited range of paint colours a car wrap provides a personalised look that will dramatically enhance the underlying stunning lines.

Vinyl wrapping provides an unlimited range of colours that will change the look of your car and as an added bonus protect the paint work against wear and tear. Paint protection film will transform the standard paint options to a deep even gloss or matt appearance minimising any underlying paint defects.  For ultimate protection paint protection film can be combined with vinyl.

Based in Redhill close to the M25 our work shop offers clean, warm and well-lit facilities essential to a professional car wrap.  Fast rail links to London ensure a convenient drop off with those with City based work.

Inevitably there will be a bespoke element to suit individual tastes but our menu prices below provide a guide to the wrap cost.

Tesla Wrapping Menu  - All prices include VAT

  1. Black/Grey Tesla - Single Colour Wrap                  £1,500
  2. White Tesla or colour change                                  +£450  - To wrap inside of doors with body colour
  3. Paint protection film                                                  £2,600
  4. Cover chrome in vinyl or paint protection film         £450

Contact us for a bespoke quote - TeslaWrap@dpr-motorsport.com

Change a White Tesla to Blue