Caterham Championship 2015: Round 5 - Brands Hatch - Top results for DPR team drivers in Supersport

Stephen Nuttall’s top results put him back in the fight for the Supersport championship with a lead of two points over Philip Jenkins. DPR team drivers account for top results in both Supersport races. DPR workshop set up customers continue to succeed in the non-team supported Academy and Roadsport grids.

Caterham Supersport: Stephen Nuttall back in the game with second, first and a fastest lap

Stephen Nuttall arrived at the Brands Hatch race weekend requiring top results to stay in the championship race against the leader Philip Jenkins. However, Jenkins gained the crucial pole in qualifying on the short “Indy” circuit and with Nuttall back in sixth the prospect for recovery was in doubt.

In race one, Clive Richards followed by Jenkins gapped the pack with Jenkins looking as if he had the race pace over the highly experienced Clive Richard’s. However suddenly in the opening laps Jenkin’s car lost pace allowing the following pack to pass. Finally Jenkins car was black flagged for a mechanical issue eventually diagnosed as a failed rear wheel bearing. Richard’s lead was secure but Nuttall took full advantage of Jenkins DNF to finish 2nd with William Smith in 3rd.

In contrast to the hot conditions of Saturday, race two on the Sunday race two was wet. Stephen Nuttall made and held a break that was frustratingly neutralised by a safety car. After the restart despite challenging track conditions Nuttall finished 1st followed by Clive Richards (2nd) and Danny Killeen (3rd). Nuttall leaves Brands having gained a vital two points lead in the championship.

Good results were claimed by the DPR Supersport team drivers in both races. In race one DPR team drivers accounted for five of the top 10 results with John O’Brien, Nick Portlock, Albert Vella in 6-7-8 and Ian Sparshott in 10th providing admirable support to Stephen Nuttall. Race two was more varied but Albert Vella achieved one of his best race results in 5th and Nick Powell recovered from a race one track limits setback to finish 8th. Ian Sparshott at 11th was just outside the top 10.

Caterham Roadsport : David Webber claims first, second and the two fastest laps

David Webber had two top results including setting the fastest lap in both races that has given Webber the championship lead . However with penalty points to deduct the championship outcome remains open.

Caterham Academy: DPR set up customers finish 1-2-3-4 in the White Group

In the Green Group Rob Watts and Rui Ferreira claimed 2nd & 3rd respectively. In the White Group DPR set up customers achieved a 1-2-3-4 ably lead by Andrew Perry closely followed across the line by Russ Olivant, Alan Cooper and Lee Collins.