MSA Guidance Notes 2014 - Track Limits (Circuit Racing)

The MSA Regulations regarding track limits in circuit racing have been amended with effect from 1 January 2014:

  1. Q14.4.2: “Drivers must use the track at all times and may not leave the track without a justifiable reason.” - All cars must remain on the asphalt at all times and must not use the grass verges.

  2. Q14.4.2a: “The white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track.” - Competitors can drive their cars onto the white lines at the edge of the track without penalty.

  3. Q14.4.2b: “A driver will be judged to have left the track if any wheel of the car either goes beyond the outer edge of any kerb or goes beyond the white line where there is no kerb.

Penalties for breaking the new rules:

Qualifying - Where it is shown that a driver has gained advantage on that particular lap, i.e. a faster lap time, then that lap time will be removed. This can be done as often as is required.

Race - A rising scale of penalties will be applied according to the number of times a competitor is reported to have exceeded the track limits, as follows. Second report : Black & white warning flag, Next report: Five-second time penalty, Next report: Drive-through penalty, Next report: Black flag.

All of the above penalties, plus alternative penalties, are available to officials if a competitor is judged to have exceeded track limits, particularly where any advantage has been gained.

Track Limits 2014 - A picture is worth a thousand words

 The regulations limit competitors to racing on the circuit; for the avoidance of doubt this includes the white line and any kerb that is present. For illustrative purposes, the MSA images below show cars in acceptable and unacceptable positions.

Acceptable - Considered within Track Limits

Unacceptable - A definite Breach of Track Limits

Note: Above text and pictures are all taken from the official MSA guidelines: MSA Track Limits 2014