BRSCC Awards 2013: Congratulations to our championship winning customers

DPR customers claimed the lions share of the Caterham championships for which awards were on offer at the BRSCC Dinner in Stratford. In the team supported championships (Tracksport, Supersport and Superlight R300) DPR supported drivers won all three, being the first time that this has been achieved by drivers from the same team.

Caterham Academy - Group One & Two - Championship Winners

Group One Winner - Henry Heaton

Group Two Winner - William Smith

Team Supported Championships - Tracksport, Supersport & Superlight R300

DPR team drivers won all three team-supported championships

Tracksport - Michael Gazda, Supersport - David Robinson and Superlight R300 - Ollie Taylor

Supersport Winner - David Robinson

Superlight R300 Winner - Ollie Taylor

Stephen Nuttall (Roadsport) and Michael Gazda (Tracksport) were not able to attend the evening so missed out on receiving an award from BRSCC Chairman Bernard Cottrell.

DPR Championship Victories in the Official Caterham Motorsport Championships

DPR are very proud of the customers it has helped to achieve championship wins in Caterhams. Since DPR first started providing services for competitors (2008) in Caterham Motorsport our customers have achieved the following:

Full team support from DPR : 6 championship wins

Setup & Service Customers (Academy, Roadsport, Tracksport & Supersport) : 13 championship wins

Caterham Academy from 2009 : 8 out of 10 possible championships wins

Overall DPR Motorsport customers now have a total of 19 championship wins.

BRSCC Awards dinner photos: Gary Hawkins