DPR Practice Starts at TRL : Racelogic’s Performance Box gives DPR R300 drivers a performance edge!

Race starts are very important in any race category but given the highly competitive nature of the 2013 Caterham Superlight R300 championship we felt that this was a critical aspect to address. We arranged time at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) Test Track to provide a safe area allowing repeated practice starts to take place.

To provide realism we arranged for two of our Caterham Superlight R300 customers to take part and fitted both cars with Racelogic Performance Boxes. We were able to fit the Performance Box in a matter of minutes and with no further setup required we were able to measure 0-60 times extremely quickly and accurately using its GPS technology.

The main benefit that the equipment gave us was that at the end of every 0-60 run the drivers were able to view the time immediately which gave direct feedback to whether the particular technique used to start was better or not. Throughout the test the drivers tried different start rpm’s, varying the amount of clutch slip and even gear change points. After a few runs the drivers were able to consistently produce starts of sub 4 seconds on a regular basis (our best of the day was 3.8 sec). After we finished the dry tarmac runs we then soaked the tarmac with water to try and reproduce a low friction grip level. Again with direct feedback from the Performance Boxes the drivers were able to optimise their technique further.

DPR customers are currently leading 5 out of 6 of the available official Caterham championships with Ollie Taylor leading the Caterham R300 championship (yellow car shown at TRL). The next round is Donington on the 13th of July.