Caterham Championship 2013: Round 7 - Silverstone - DPR team drivers win all three team-supported championships

The official Caterham race series has three team-supported championships being the high-performance Duratec engined Superlight R300 and the Sigma engined Supersport and Tracksport cars. The Tracksport championship was wrapped up by Michael Gazda at Oulton Park but the other two championships remained to be settled at Silverstone although team drivers Ollie Taylor (Superlight R300) and David Robinson (Supersport) entered with strong leads; Ollie Taylor’s lead benefiting from his successful appeal against his exclusion at Brands Hatch. Both drivers demonstrated their right to the championship crowns from their results in the first race at Silverstone. Ollie Taylor added another 1st place to his record and David Robinson’s 2nd meant that both DPR team drivers secured their championship wins with convincing margins.

Caterham Superlight R300 - Ollie Taylor claims the crown

With reinstatement of the points lost at Brands Hatch Taylor’s championship needed no heroics to claim victory. Competition at the front for race one proved to be intense with all of the leading pack placed to take the lead. At the flag Taylor reinforced his right to the championship by finishing first followed by Head, Langley, Leonard and Payne with just a second between them.

With the championship first place determined the focus switched to the championship outcome for second place with both Langley and Leonard being in contention. Race two was equally fiercely fought. This time it was Head who took the flag closely followed by Leonard and Taylor although a post-race decision by the Clerk shuffled Taylor down to 4th and Payne moving up to 3rd. Langley suffered an unlucky racing incident on his final lap that resulted in a DNF.

Both Langley and Leonard finished with equal championship points but with one more race win Langley took second in the championship with Leonard third.

Caterham Supersport - Robinson seals the deal

Robinson like Taylor entered Silverstone strongly placed. Not holding back Robinson had a close-fought race with his rival Mike Hart but at the line Hart crossed first just 0.3 seconds ahead. Robinson’s result was more than enough to “seal the deal” and his fastest lap provided some compensation for ending 2nd. Despite the option not to race Robinson repeated the tussle of race one on Sunday’s race two. This time the results were reversed with Robinson 1st and Hart 2nd with the fastest lap.

Caterham Tracksport - Gazda officially gets the title

With neither Michael Gazda or Oliver Jarratt taking part it was left to Matt Dyer to represent Tracksport for team DPR. In race one Dyer claimed a podium 2nd and in race two just missed the podium with a 4th place. It was Danny Killeen’s weekend with a 1st in both Tracksport races.