Caterham Superlight Championship 2012: Wilson gets pole, two 1st’s and two fastest laps for DPR at Donington. DPR team drivers now the top three in the championship.

Championship leader Paul Wilson showed his intent to win the the 2012 Caterham Superlight championship by getting pole, two 1sts and the two fastest laps, gaining him maximum points from the race weekend. Championship challenger Mark Shaw scored a 4th and hard fought 2nd to maintain his number two position in the overall championship results. The remaining DPR team driver Magd Mohaffel has now moved up to third place. With near maximum team points, DPR reinforced their hold on the team championship with the three team drivers occupying the top three places.

Caterham Superlight R300 - Donington

DPR drivers Paul Wilson and Mark Shaw entered the Donington weekend at 1st and 2nd in the Caterham Superlight R300 championship with just one point between them. Paul Wilson scored a record-breaking maximum points with his two outright wins including the all-important two fastest laps.

The Wilson/Shaw championship battle

Race one saw Paul Wilson take the lead leaving the duelling trio of Mark Shaw, James Sharrock and Ian Payne to fight for second place enabling Wilson to claim 1st place including fastest lap. Mark Shaw fared the least well of the fighting trio with a 4th place across the line.

Race two looked to be going the way of the now flying Scotsman Mark Shaw who immediately surged to 1st place setting a fastest lap in the process. However this sterling work was undone by a red-flag causing a re-start with the original grid order. The restart played out much as race one with close racing again between Mark Shaw, Ian Payne and James Sharrock. However in the closing stages it was Mark Shaw’s race pace that took him to second across the line followed by Ian Payne in third.

Paul Wilson said “It was a great result, all the more satisfying as this is the first time a perfect score has been achieved in the R300 championship. Nevertheless with six races complete and so little margin over Mark Shaw in second place, I remain very focused on the remaining races.”

Following the results at Donington, as the highest scoring team, DPR continues to strengthen its hold on the 2012 R300 team championship with the three DPR team drivers occupying the top three places.