Caterham Championship: Racelogic’s Video VBOX gets Caterham Specific

DPR Motorsport is working with Racelogic to provide a Caterham specific version of their leading VBOX Lite Video & Data system. The Caterham version supplied by DPR has the required connectors and roll cage mounts for immediate installation into all Caterham models. DPR provides an install service that includes a Caterham specific set-up installation and an option for on-track tuition and benchmarking either by DPR or associated driver coaches.

Providing Competitive Advantage

Gaining the most from test days is all important as on-track time is always limited. Racelogic’s Video VBOX provides a video and data record to enable drivers to understand how best to improve lap times and gain those vital hundredths of a second through optimising braking and turning points.

Racelogic Video Vbox Training Course - Thursday March 8th

In recognition of the widespread use of the Video VBOX within Caterham motorsport, Racelogic is providing a free training c course which will be of relevance to all serious competitors in the 2012 Caterham championships. Registration for the event which takes place on Thursday March 8th is online and can be completed through the following link:


Caterham Specific Integration

Caterham rightly attracts a significant number of new drivers into UK motorsport who progress up the Caterham motorsport ladder. The tightly regulated nature of Caterham racing means that driving ability rather than car performance is key to gaining podium winning results. Racelogic’s Video VBOX leads the way in price/performance. With the ability to be fully integrated into a personal driver coaching programme Racelogic’s Video VBOX system provides a unique opportunity to gain those vital lap time improvements.

David Rowe, DPR Motorsport Team Principal, said “Given the mandatory requirement for video during Caterham races we saw an opportunity for providing a Caterham specific video and data system. Last year we used the Racelogic Video VBOX for our own customers and provided an at-circuit networked media centre to enable our drivers to compare against each others data.


Find out more about the Racelogic Video VBOX system

This experience convinced us that use of the Video VBOX could benefit all participant’s in Caterham Motorsport. The system provides good performance at a great price. More importantly the use of the same video and data system means that there is a unique opportunity for benchmarking. From our own race experience we have hot-lap benchmarks for all of the UK circuits that we can use to analyse VBOX data either at circuit or by viewing customer videos on video sharing sites such as You Tube or Vimeo. The ability to compare results will enable us to better understand the related issues of driving ability and car setup changes.”