Spa - Magnificent Seven: Tony Bennett first in class with his uprated Caterham R300

Driving a DPR Motorsport uprated Caterham Superlight R300 Tony Bennett achieved first in class B at the Magnificent Seven race at Spa.

A 200 bhp R300

This car has been upgraded by DPR Motorsport to 200 bhp (175bhp standard) using the Caterham Stage One roller barrel upgrade accompanied by a new Caterham developed ecu map.

Whilst initial qualifying was dry the legendary Spa weather micro climate produced a downpour for the start of the race that remained wet for most of the 60 minutes duration. An inspired change to new Avon CR500 tyres resulted in a class B win and seventh overall from a total of 68 entries.

Impressive on-track performance

DPR team principal David Rowe said “We are extremely impressed by the Caterham Stage One upgrade for the R300. This upgrade provides a good increase in peak power and torque using the standard cams. On-track performance benefits further from the cold air flow to the roller barrels available through the bonnet cut-out. The result is much improved drivability throughout the relevant race rev range.”