Walker gets two convincing R300 race wins at Anglesey

“Twelve R300’s came to Anglesey but it was Jonathan Walker who set the pace with pole position followed up with two convincing race wins. In Saturday’s encounter Jonny Leroux pushed Walker hard to take second while Peter Young completed the podium with an excellent drive. On Sunday Walker had a bigger winning margin but coming home in second, ahead of Leroux, was Ollie Taylor who had the race of his life in what is his first season of Caterham racing.” *

Superlight R300

Two convincing wins puts Walker back on track for the R300 championship

Jon Walker - Two 1sts

Jon Walker said “These great results at Anglesey have put me back in contention to win the Caterham R300 championship. I knew that Jonny Leroux would be a threat as Anglesey is his home circuit. The real surprise was the podium result of Peter Young in race one and Ollie Taylor in race two.”

DPR Motorsport team manager David Rowe said “During testing we discovered that our normal dry set-up was not effective at Anglesey. We had to implement a radical set-up that enabled Jon to win both races with a good lead in the first race that was extended to a convincing lead of almost eight seconds in the second.”

Caterham Roadsport A

Magd Mohaffel - 4th & 5th

Anglesey delivered further examples of two solid near-podium finishes with the result that Magd Mohaffel is now 4th in the RSA championship.

DPR driver Robert Springate found this challenging circuit represented a steep learning curve in his first year in the RSA championship with mid-field results in both races.

* Extract from BRSCC Press Release