DPR COVID-19 Response

In these highly exceptional and challenging times, I wanted to personally let all customers and suppliers know the measures we are taking to protect the welfare of our team and confirm a limited service whilst current concerns remain in place. Calls to our Redhill workshop are being simultaneously routed to personal mobiles and all our internal systems are fully up & running on a remote basis. Unfortunately mechanical work on cars requires a hands-on presence.

It is clear from the information provided by Government, as amplified by Boris Johnson at yesterday’s Sunday press conference, that social isolation is an imperative that all must follow. We have decided that as from tomorrow (Tuesday 24th March) all DPR staff will be asked to remain at home and follow the Government’s “Stay at Home” guidance. This will take the form of a one week “Stay at Home” absence; a decision as to extending this absence will be taken over next weekend.

Despite the Government’s advice UK circuits have not yet ceased all activities; we have decided that providing support for on-track activities, even with limited numbers, is no longer possible as it directly goes against the clear guidance provided. The health and safety of staff, customers and others who could be affected takes precedence over any other consideration. Realistically the focus for the next few weeks is going to be dominated by COVID-19 and how this disease progresses within the UK and globally.

Rest assured, we will be fully back in action as soon as we are able and will be looking at all appropriate opportunities as soon as they arise. Stay safe and please do take good care of yourself, your families and friends.

 David Rowe Monday, March 23rd 2020.