Caterham Motorsport 2013: Getting to the front with ‘Accelerated Learning’

Coaching is a key factor in a driver’s development if they are to succeed and enjoy their chosen motorsport path. A grounding in basic race craft will not only help to keep you safe, it also makes the start to your motorsport career, at whatever level, more enjoyable than struggling along without direction.

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Providing Competitive Advantage

Gaining the most from test days is all important as on-track time is always limited. Racelogic’s Video VBOX provides a video and data record to enable drivers to understand how best to improve lap times and gain those vital hundredths of a second through optimising braking and turning points.

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Analysis of performance and driving technique has been a major component in the higher echelons of motor racing for some years, but it is only recently that such technology has been widely available to the novice attempting his or her first season. In the Caterham world, the impact of using brain power as well as horsepower is becoming apparent in the rapidity with which lap records are being bettered.

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